“Music has the power to take an ordinary moment and transform it into a breathtaking memory.”

Danielle Turano

I live and breathe music and am obsessed with all music and new kinds of beauty. As a professional violinist, DJ, singer, and former public and private school music instructor, my first-hand experience in the field of music is about getting to the heart of purpose and what is desired to be communicated on the outside. Tenacious and fabulous, my attention to detail is the next level. My focus is to get to the heart of what each Divina client values in order to bring their musical dreams to life. Our mission at Divina Artisti is to have an experience that is beyond your wildest dreams. A connection with music that sets the soul ablaze and makes the heart sing

Through countless on-stage performances, destination events, from intimate ceremonies to elaborate multi-day productions, seeing our clients live their dream experience is one of my greatest joys.

  • Proud wife to Evan Marien (an electric bass virtuoso who has performed with the most legendary artists of our time around the world)
  • My personal taste in music is a mixture of a bunch of styles: everything from classical, EDM, Funk, Jazz Fusion, Old-School Rap and Hip Hop, Pop, Salsa, Flamenco, Arabic music, and a little bit of country!
  • There is never such a thing as too many violins… I once had a client ask for 50 violins for an event! ( I felt sorry for any other couple having their wedding that day!)
  • I have lived in areas of Connecticut, Brooklyn, NY, Denver, Colorado, Laguna Beach, California, Miami Florida, and central Illinois.
  • A Rose Latte and an extra dirty gin martini are two of my favorite things on earth. I have never met an anchovy I didn’t like, either.
  • My favorite places to travel are Iceland, Japan, California, Brazil, Cuba, the Pacific Northwest, Maine, Miami, Switzerland, Germany, Paris. Nothing makes me happier than an incredible natural beauty that is awe-inspiring and rugged with Mother Nature.
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We are a community of professionals from NYC, Miami, LA and international areas that have earned Doctoral, Masters, and Bachelors degrees in music from top schools including Juilliard, Berklee College of Music, NYU, Manhattan School of Music, and the Hartt School; each having spent over 10,000 hours on our individual instruments.

We have trained our team to deliver the finest client experience as well as extensive performance experience with all types of events from estate weddings and events to multi-day star-studded galas. Each Divina team member knows how important perfection, attention to detail, and treating each client like family is in creating memorable moments.







What makes a Divina Artisti ensemble different?

Everything! All the music we’ve performed, all the tours, people, places, and food create the music you hear today. Divina Artisti is the place where people come for the best music, service, and presentation. The WOW factor is what we do. From working with planners and brides & grooms, to band leaders, business owners and photographers; this is what we love to do and we do it with a passion unmatched.

Do you really play using an iPad?

Technology is something we also use to stay ahead of the curve! While music is still mostly printed on paper made from trees, we are forging the way with the use of tablets to reduce paper waste. This simple change keeps the audience’s attention where it belongs: on the music. This also allows us to travel to any location and have an encyclopedic world of music at our fingertips!

I have a whole list of songs that hold special meaning to me. Are you able to learn them?

Yes, we are able to learn, arrange, and perform all different genres of music. Divina offers every client one custom song that is currently not on our list that we will learn especially for your occasion. (We can arrange any extra music for a small additional fee.)

I have a friend who would like to sing at my wedding. Do you play with singers?

We are more than happy to make music with everyone! In order to ensure a perfect performance we do require an addition of one 30 minute rehearsal with our musicians on the day of your event. (Additional rehearsals can be arranged if requested.) Ask us for more details!

How do I book a custom ensemble for my date?

When you have your event date and location, we would be happy to chat with you! Please contact us to start the process of creating custom music for your event.

Are you able to travel to our wedding location?

Oh yes! Divina Artisti specializes in performing for events throughout New England and beyond. We have an extensive network of professional musicians worldwide to accommodate your needs.

Do you perform outdoors?

Yes, our instruments are completely portable and can accommodate every event. It’s important to be mindful of weather as it can damage our instruments but we are always able to make any scenario work.

Do you come to my wedding ceremony rehearsal?

It is not necessary for us to attend wedding rehearsals as that is a time for you, your wedding party, and your officiant to go over details and logistics. We will work with you before your event to ensure you are comfortable with final decisions and that you will have a smooth and beautiful ceremony!


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